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New Cognitive Therapy SUCCESSFUL WITH ADHD

New Cognitive Therapy Using Subliminal Audio Messages and "The Taylor Method" Prooves Successful with ADHD. A study by Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.

Effects of Subliminal Technology on Cancer Remission Rates

The Use of Subliminal Auditory Stimuli in Terminally Ill Oncology Patients

The Effects of Subliminal Technology on the Remission Rates of Subjects with a Terminal Diagnosis of Cancer. Self-Hypnosis Programs for Cancer.


The Mirror Information Processing (MIP) Hypothesis: The Taylor Method

Study of Processing Subliminal Information Through Forward and Backward Speech Resulting In A New Effective Techology For Self-Hypnosis and Audio Hypnosis Programs.

The Controversy in the Differences of Audio Subliminal Technology

Subliminal Messages, Subliminal Audio, Subliminal Advertising and How it Works

The Power of the Subconscious Mind and Positive Thoughts or Self Talk

The InnerTalk Subliminal Technology

Report: The Truth About Subliminal Programs
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Peripheral Learning Reference Guide

The Subliminal Challenge

Grants for Research