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Subliminal Challenge

From time to time I still see assertions that argue against the benefit of subliminal communication. They are becoming increasingly fewer, but the old is sometimes hard to sweep away. To that end, we have placed a research challenge on our website. Take a look at our challenge especially if you are a student or in a position to conduct valid research. Almost everything one needs to conduct a simple, yet profound study, at least in terms of implications, is here and waiting for you to give the download command.
-Eldon Taylor

Please view the presentation first.
PowerPoint Presentation (87kb) or HTML presentation
Sound files you will need in order to perform the experiment:
Control File
Ocean Sounds Only
Placebo File
Oceans Sounds with the subliminal phrase "People are walking"
Ocean sounds with the subliminal phrase "Look Out! Danger! Danger!"
MP3 Download (4.55MB) MP3 Download (4.67MB) MP3 Download (4.67MB)
The subliminal messages occur every 55 to 65 seconds in the recording.
Each sound file should be downloaded for offline playback.


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