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Progressive Awareness
By Eldon Taylor


Subliminal Communication
Published in the American Psychotherapy Association Journal, Annals.

Thinking Without Thinking: Subliminal Manipulation?
Were Judas Priest Backward Hidden Messages Responsible for the Double Suicide of Two Teenage boys?

Consciousness Man & Machine
Just after the turn of the century, science basically abandoned the study of consciousness per se' on the grounds that it was too ambiguous and non-quantifiable. However, the development of artificial intelligence, so-called thinking computers, interactive virtual reality environments and non-local action, or action at a distance, has placed the study of consciousness in the fore front of many minds.

Equipment Responding To Consciousness?
Equipment Responding to Consciousness, Studies using Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Mind Body Connection, Spiritual Healing.

Geometry: An Archetypal Form of Communication
For most, geometry is a boring subject studied in High School. For others, it is the sacred path to the Ultimate. For still others, it is a science that when applied outside of the realm of pure abstraction, is both predictive and creative. That is, through the use of geometry, functional forces can be directed such as geomagnetic or electro-magnetic fields.

Owning Your Own Controls
What makes the difference between two children raised in the same environment with the same parents when one ends up a neuro-surgeon and the other a hardened violent criminal?

The Seven Fundamentals of the Master Secret: Happiness is the Secret
Discover the Secrets to Success and How They are Achieved.

Towards the Fringe
One of the most important questions each of us will at some time in some way deal with has been stated in the admonition: Above all else, know thyself. How does one know themselves?


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