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More than ever people everywhere, in all walks of life, seek to maximize their personal happiness. For most, their immediate path is in the direction of success, health, relationships, learning, or some combination thereof.

Success and prosperity capture the imagination and interest of almost all. The amount of money spent on health issues as diverse as weight loss to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) exceeds a trillion dollars annually. Parenting and relationship topics are everywhere.

The information age requires improved and perennial efforts in education and learning.

In the 20th Century, space was the so-called ultimate frontier. The 21st Century will require mind to become the frontier most explored for the demands of our time are such that even a keen mind must be trained, re trained and disciplined.

Products and services that provide the mental training and facilitate the implementation of mental discipline will be in high demand for the immediate and foreseeable future. This is the business of Progressive Awareness.

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